It Shouldn’t be Painful – Our Remodeling Process

Does the thought of remodeling your home immediately invoke painful and stressful feelings? Well, it shouldn’t. Your home is where you are going to spend a very considerable amount of your life. Shouldn’t it be a somewhere you enjoy to be? Sometimes you know you want to update or remodel an area of your home, but you don’t even know where to start, right?

We recently had a family call us desiring to remodel their bathroom. They had a firm budget, and within that budget we started designing. The process was fun, as it should be. Picking out new tile, deciding what style vanity, adding a larger soaking tub… all of these aspects of a bathroom remodel should be enjoyable and painless.

Prior to ever starting any demo, we had the entire bathroom designed. We were able to plan every step of the process out before it even began. We worked with the family to pick colors, fixtures, decide on layout, choose tile and so forth. This is what leads to a stress free remodeling project.

With each year, we grow and change as a person right? Well, sometimes our home needs to grow or change along with us, and that process shouldn’t be painful or stressful. We would love to start a conversation with you about creating a home where you want to be.

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