5 Steps to Completing your Project

1. Phone Call

By contacting us, you have started the process to having a completed project customized exactly to your vision. During this call we will simply gather information about the large scale hope for the project and schedule a time for John, Trevor or Skylar to meet with you at your home.

2. On-site Conversation

Our goal is to find out exactly what the vision for your project is. We will be asking you WHY you would like to have this work completed as that helps us to more fully understand your hopes. We will also begin discussing the achievability of your project as we determine your budget.

3. Initial Price Presented

Upon your preference, we can meet with you again in person, or we can send via email an initial price to complete the scope of work that was discussed during our on-site conversation.

4. Agreement & Design

This is when the project really starts to get fun! At this time, we will ask for a construction contract to be signed by both parties. Upon signing, we will work with you to begin designing style, layout and finishes of your project. At this time, drawings will be provided to you if necessary.

5. Construction and Completion

Now we build! In this step, we complete the construction of your project. During the construction process, we will constantly be available should you have any questions or desire to make any changes. Upon completion, you will be provided with a 2 year labor warranty on everything concerning the project, and if by chance an issue arises, we will promptly resolve it.


We are typically able to get started within 2 weeks after receiving a signed and returned contract.

We sure are! MHIC #41891. We carry all necessary licenses and insurance to protect you and your home.

Not sure if you’re project is something we can handle? Contact us and explain what you’d like to do. We’re open to new challenges and with over 25 years of experience there aren’t many things we haven’t seen or done before.

In most cases, yes. Depending on your project we from time to time need to hire additional help or subcontract a specific aspect of your project. In either case we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

We do not offer financing in house however we’re happy to work with the bank or credit card of your choice.

Still have questions or ready to start your project?

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